Helpful Weather Warnings Issued for Fossil Hunters

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Strong Winds Forecast for England’s South Coast

The holiday weekend will see a lot of amateur fossil collectors dusting off their geological hammers and heading for the coast to begin this year’s fossil hunting.  The BBC weather centre has issued warnings over strong winds gusting up to sixty miles an hour in exposed coastal areas.  The wind and rain will dampen many a fossil hunter’s spirit, but also these conditions might make looking for fossils in areas such as Bracklesham Bay, Bognor Regis, Eastbourne, Beachy Head and Lyme Regis hazardous.

Warning for Fossil Hunters

Bad weather can lead to a number of fossils being washed out of the cliffs and ending up on the foreshore at these locations, however, rock falls are common around the Beachy Head and Lyme Regis beaches and Everything Dinosaur urges all would-be fossil hunters to take caution.

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Brandon Lennon, an expert fossil hunter and guide located on England’s Jurassic Coast at Lyme Regis commented:

“We had some severe storms during winter and they have washed a lot of fossils out, however, I would advise all visitors to the beaches around Lyme Regis and Charmouth to avoid getting too close to the cliffs and to heed the tide times.”

Sensible advice indeed, Brandon, although these beaches can provide a wonderful fossil hunting experience, especially for families, we echo Brandon’s words of caution.

Lyme Regis – Experienced Fossil Hunters Advise Visitors to Stay Clear of the Cliffs

Fossil hunting can be fun but beware of the cliffs.

Fossil hunting can be fun but beware of the cliffs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fossil Hunting

With the holiday weekend upon us, this gives families visiting the seaside to participate in a guided fossil walk.  This is often the best way to explore a beach and to look for fossils, especially if the weather is likely to be inclement.

We wish all fossil hunters the very best of luck and hope that everyone has a successful fossil hunt.  Everything Dinosaur team members hope to take some time out from their fieldwork and teaching commitments to do some fossil hunting, just for fun.

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 We look forward to hearing about fossil discoveries from our many thousands of customers.

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As for team members at Everything Dinosaur, this weekend we are all in the office preparing for some new arrivals…