Year 1 and Year 2 at All Saints’ Primary Learn About Dinosaurs

A very special thank you to all the children at All Saints’ Primary who sent in thank you letters to our office after Everything Dinosaur conducted a dinosaur themed workshop at their school.  Members of the enthusiastic teaching team working with Key Stage 1 classes took up one of our “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” and under their expert tutelage, the children composed beautiful thank you letters, many complete with super drawings of dinosaurs and fossils.

Bella Sent Everything Dinosaur a Super Thank You Letter

Thank you letter.

Bella’s thank you letter to Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: All Saints’ Primary (Marple, Cheshire) and Everything Dinosaur

Soren wrote to say thank you for visiting and letting the children hold the fossils.  Soren added that his favourite dinosaur was Diplodocus.

Key Stage 1 Study Dinosaurs

Young Lois included a lovely picture of our fossil expert “dinosaur Mike” in with her thank you letter.  There were also super dinosaur drawings provided by Erin, Finley and Jude.  The thank you letter idea was one of the extension suggestions made by our staff member during the dinosaur workshop at the school.  Over the morning, a number of extension activities were proposed, in addition, Everything Dinosaur emailed over some more teaching resources to help support the cohort’s scheme of work.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide range of prehistoric animal themed models, toys and gifts all approved by our dedicated teaching team: Prehistoric Animal Gifts, Toys and Models.

In Katie’s letter she recalled information that we had provided on Velociraptors.  She liked the idea that they were probably feathered and Katie included a lovely picture of a purple and blue armoured dinosaur.

A Thank You Letter to our Office

Thank you letter.

Oliver says thank you.

Picture credit: All Saints’ Primary (Marple, Cheshire) and Everything Dinosaur

Thank You Letter

A very big thank you to all the children at All Saints’ Primary school who sent in letters to Everything Dinosaur, our thanks goes to Louie, Isla, Katie, Soren, Erin, Lois, Finlay, Kieran, Freya, Lilly, Jacob, Henry, the other Kieran in the class, Ava, Tyler, Leila, Edward, Oliver, Brooke, Jack, James, Bella, Charlie, Kelan, Isaac, Ethan, Jude and to all the children involved.

To enquire about Everything Dinosaur’s team members: About Us.

Thank you letters such as these are a great way for the children to practice sentence construction and letter formation as well as word spacing and other hand writing skills.

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