The Acheivosaurs – Reinforcing Positive Learning Behaviours in EYFS and Year 1

A range of three inch (eight centimetre) tall soft toy dinosaurs is helping young learners to develop life skills.  The Achievosaurs teaching concept is reinforcing positive values in schools and Everything Dinosaur has lobbied hard to get these super dinosaur soft toys back into production.   Many children in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and Year 1 are very familiar with dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Diplodocus.  The fascination for all things dinosaur can help motivate young learners and these dinosaur soft toys have proved to be a valuable teaching aid for educationalists.

Dinosaur Soft Toys

The Achievosaurs – Super Soft Toy Dinosaurs for Use in Schools

Dinosaur soft toys.

Some of the original “Achievosaurs”.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This range of “Itsy Bitsy” dinosaur soft toys help encourage children.  As these items are now back in production, Everything Dinosaur team members set out to examine how the “Achievosaurs” teaching concept came about.

The Achievosaurs

Retired Bristol school teacher, Lori Mitchell got in touch with Everything Dinosaur and she explained how the idea for using dinosaur soft toys took shape.

Ms Mitchell commented:

“The idea for the Achievosaurs came after a South Gloucestershire Early Years course “Providing Challenge, Improving Outcomes” in October 2010.  During the day, we were asked to consider how we encourage our children to reflect on their learning, rather than just talk about their activities, and how we can help them develop the skills needed to become life-long learners.  We discussed the learning-focused qualities we wanted to encourage in our children and a colleague shared the “Curious Cat” she used with her class.  One of the Early Years advisors then said something like “you know, dinosaurs would be another could have a Thinkasaurus”…and that was it…I went home after the course and devised the Achievosaurs!”

To view the dinosaur soft toys available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Soft Toys.