Dinosaur Themed Lunch Bags and Bottles

The warmer weather (at least some of the time in the UK), leads to an increase in the number of children bringing packed lunches to school.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been asked to advise and recommend something suitable for very young dinosaur fans when it comes to lunch boxes and drinks bottles.  There are many different types of lunch bag and boxes on the market, but we ask parents to consider some practical points when it comes to making a purchase.

Lunch Bag and Matching Drinks Bottle

Here are some points to consider:

  • Make sure the lunch box has plenty of room so that the lunch and a drink can be fitted inside.
  • Can it be cleaned easily, at least able to be wiped over with a sponge?
  • Has it a sturdy zip and is it easy to carry for your child?
  • Has it got some insulation to help keep food fresh and cool?
  • Can it be personalised in some way, we recommend that all lunch bags/lunch boxes have a place for the child’s name?
  • Are drink bottles plastic and leak proof?

Everything Dinosaur recommends the Dinosaurus lunch bag and matching drinks bottle for young dinosaur fans.

The Dinosaurus Lunch Bag and Matching Plastic Drinks Bottle

Dinosaur themed lunch bag and matching drinks bottle.

Dinosaur lunch bag and matching drinks bottle.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Please note: this article was written in April 2015 and the dinosaur lunch baga and matching drinks bottle is now longer available.

Recommended for School Use

Recommended for school use, this is an insulated dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed lunch box with a zip closure to help keep food safe.  Lunch bag can be wiped clean or sponged over.  It has a durable, padded carry handle.  A robust, plastic dinosaur drinks bottle is supplied including an attachable, leak-proof twist cap.  This is a super dinosaurus lunch bag and matching drinks bottle, ideal for school or for dinosaur expeditions!  To avoid any mix ups when it comes to dinner time, underneath the lunch bag, there is a clear plastic pocket with a card so that the lunch box owners name can be provided.