Reception Class Build a Dinosaur Habitat

The Reception class at Hambleton C of E Primary had a dinosaur day inspired by a visit to their school by Everything Dinosaur.  Whilst our team member was working with Key Stage 1 classes in the morning, the Reception class children built a habitat for their dinosaur toys and they proudly showed off the school’s very own “Jurassic Park” to our dinosaur expert.  Using various resources from the classroom, the children had built a mountain for the dinosaurs to live on, including a cave where they could shelter.  A river flowed passed and our expert was reliable informed that dinosaurs like most animals, needed water to drink and this is where they could quench their thirsts.

Dinosaur Play

Reception Class Build a Prehistoric Playground for Dinosaurs

Reception class build a home for their dinosaur models and toys.

A habitat for dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Building a Home for Dinosaurs

When it came to the biggest and heaviest dinosaurs climbing up to the top, the children had carefully thought about what could be done to assist them.   As a result, a dinosaur friendly ramp was constructed.  Our expert was told several facts about dinosaurs and the budding young palaeontologists were keen to point out the large lake they had drawn so that the dinosaurs could go for a swim.  This was a great activity, combining creative, imaginative play with elements of the national curriculum involving shapes, vocabulary and animals living today and animals from the past.

This was a wonderful demonstration of kinesthetic learning, the use of a learning style that involves children undertaking a physical activity and “doing” rather than “listening”.

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