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19 01, 2015

Schleich World of History Prehistoric Animals (2015)

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Schleich World of History Models (2015)

Everything Dinosaur comments on a change of strategy for the Schleich World of History models.

This year sees a change in strategy for the German based model and figure manufacturer.  Across their range, the company is introducing a number of play sets and accessories helping to encourage imaginative, creative play.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been fortunate to have had the chance to see the new items to be included in the 2015 “World of History” prehistoric animal range.  A number of prehistoric animal species are included as part of a new cave “dino set”.

Schleich Models

The Carnotaurus and Schleich Quetzalcoatlus figures that come with this dinosaur themed play set might be familiar to model collectors, but in addition, the set features a colourful Archaeopteryx, a baby pterosaur (young Quetzalcoatlus) and an agile Microraptor.  The dinosaur set with cave measures 25 cm x 16 cm x 31 cm and includes model plants, eggs and one or two handy hiding places should a hungry theropod go by.

Schleich World of History Range Extended

A new strategy which involves the provision of play sets and accessories.

A new strategy which involves the provision of play sets and accessories.

Picture credit: Schleich

Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures

To view Everything Dinosaur’s World of History model range: Schleich World of History Models.

Things were still being finalised by Schleich when Everything Dinosaur was sent the images, if you look at the bottom left segment of the picture, plants that fit together are illustrated, there are no palisade walls to be seen.

The play set includes a replica of the theropod Carnotaurus, to read more about the new Carnotaurus model being added to the Schleich World of History model range: Schleich Carnotaurus Model Reviewed.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We see Schleich extending its range of products to include accessories and play sets in 2015, although it is also pleasing to see a number of new prehistoric animal figures being introduced too.”

Looks like 2015 is going to be an exciting year for model collectors and dinosaur fans alike.

19 01, 2015

Year 1 Children Write About Dinosaurs

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College Town Infant and Nursery School Children Write About Dinosaurs

To help inspire children in Year 1 at College Town Infant and Nursery School, the teaching team invited a team member from Everything Dinosaur to conduct dinosaur themed workshops as part of a term topic.  The children were certainly very excited to receive a visit in support of their term topic (dinosaurs).  However, one of the learning objectives was to help enthuse and motivate the children with their writing.  As part of an agreed set of extension activities, one of the teachers (Miss Tuck), asked her class to write thank you letters.  Just before leaving, we received a wonderful set of letters from the class.

One of the Thank You Letters Received by Everything Dinosaur

Thank you letter from pupil received by Everything Dinosaur.

Vinzen’s fantastic dinosaur themed letter.

Picture credit: College Town Infant and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

Our teaching team enjoyed reading all the letters that the children had written.  They had obviously absorbed a lot of information in the dinosaur workshop and they were very keen to write a thank you note to our dinosaur expert.  The Year 1 class had thought carefully about what they were going to say and there were lots of excellent examples of sounding words out before attempting to spell them.  Some fantastic adjectives were used and it was pleasing to hear from the teaching team how enthusiastic the children were when it came to this task.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal themed merchandise including dinosaur themed clothing, models, toys and games, take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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