Colourful Guidraco (Pterosaur)

Everything Dinosaur praises the recently introduced CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Guidraco model.

The “Supreme Deluxe” Guidraco pterosaur model (1:4 scale model of a flying reptile), has certainly caused a stir around Everything Dinosaur’s offices.  The Atlantic Puffin inspired colours are certainly very eye-catching on this new CollectA replica.  I see CollectA themselves are equally inspired by this feisty pterosaur, as it features on the front cover of the company’s 2015 brochure.

CollectA Guidraco Pterosaur

A Pair of Guidraco Pterosaurs

A colourful pair of Guidraco Pterosaurs.

A colourful pair of Guidraco pterosaurs.  This picture can be found on the front cover of the new for 2015 CollectA product brochure.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

 This feisty flying reptile was officially named and described in 2012.  The binomial name is Guidraco venator, the name is a combination of Chinese and Latin, it translates as “malicious ghost dragon hunter”.  With that rosette of pointy teeth this was very probably an agile predator that swooped down to snatch fish and other soft bodied creatures from the water.  A flock of these reptiles feeding would have been an awesome sight.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA scale models: CollectA Deluxe/Supreme Prehistoric Animal Models.

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