Dinosaurs Helping Children Develop Their Writing Skills

Encouraging Year 1 children with their writing was one of the learning objectives that the dinosaur expert from Everything Dinosaur set out to achieve during a visit to College Town Infant and Nursery School last week.  The children were certainly very enthusiastic and keen to learn lots of facts about prehistoric animals.

There were some excellent describing words used when it came to handling the various fossils and a number of “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” were set for the classes.  The school has a three form entry for Year 1 children, the classes are called “Rabbit”, “Hedgehog” and “Mole”, Miss Tuck (teacher), asked her “Mole” class to write a thank you letter as part of the extension ideas that had been discussed.

One of the Thank You Letters from the “Moles” in Mole Class

Super thank you letter.

Super thank you letter.

Picture credit: College Town Infant and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs Helping Children

Good use of capitals, very well spaced and formed letters, what a lovely thank you letter.  Well done Pavan.

Vinzen’s Fantastic Letter

Vinzen's fantastic dinosaur themed letter.

Vinzen’s fantastic dinosaur themed letter.

Picture credit: College Town Infant and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

Miss Tuck was obviously very impressed by the thank you letters that the children composed.  Our team members have certainly enjoyed reading them.

Esther’s Thank You Letter

A great thank you letter from Esther.

A great thank you letter from Esther.

Picture credit: College Town Infant and Nursery School/Everything Dinosaur

Beautiful Thank You Letters

Well done, Esther and her classmates, lots of carefully written letters with good use of punctuation.  Good examples of use of adjectives to describe the activities that the children took part in.

Our dinosaur expert set a number of writing challenges for the children.  Fact sheets and scale drawings were emailed over to help inspire the children.  It looks like the visit has really helped and “Dinosaur Mike”, one of our team members commented:

“It was wonderful to see the letters written by the children, I have shown them to my colleagues and pinned up some of them onto our display wall in the warehouse.  These are wonderful examples and all the children in Moles class can be proud of what they have done”.

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