Year 1 Student Explains About Flying Reptiles

Young Brandon was keen to show our dinosaur expert the model of a flying reptile that he had made  It had been inspired by the CollectA Pteranodon model.  The children in Year 1 are currently studying prehistoric animals as part of their spring term curriculum.  The flying reptiles seem to be particularly popular.  Brandon had made a model of a pterosaur which he showed the Everything Dinosaur fossil expert who came to visit the school to deliver a dinosaur themed workshop as part of a plan to encourage the children with their writing.

The Model of a Flying Reptile Made by School Pupils

Year 2 make prehistoric animal models.

A wonderful model of a pterosaur (flying reptile).  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Brandon showed our expert the wings and explained about flying reptiles.   He commented on how flying reptiles might have hunted and how the captured prey, as Brandon thought that most pterosaurs ate fish.

Setting the Class a Challenge

We set the class one of our “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” could they design a poster all about a flying reptile called Pteranodon.  We sent over fact sheets and a scale drawing to help them, although we insisted that they write some facts on the poster and label it correctly.  All part of encouraging their writing.

The CollectA Pteranodon Model (A 1:40 Scale Replica of P. longiceps)

Pteranodon model.

A CollectA 1:40 scale model of the famous pterosaur known as Pteranodon.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised Brandon and his chums for their work. He also stated that Brandon knew a lot about the Pterosauria and it was people like him who helped to inspire the design team behind the CollectA Pteranodon model.

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