Fossil Finding is Child’s Play – 2015 Prediction

At around this time each year, Everything Dinosaur team members get together, usually during the company’s annual stocktake and just for a bit of fun, a list of predictions about what is going to happen over the next twelve months or so in palaeontology is compiled.  We consider what sort of news stories, articles and reports will feature in the company’s main blog.  One of the predictions this year, is that somewhere in the United Kingdom, over the next twelve months or so, a child will find a significant fossil.

Palaeontology and Fossil Predictions

Perhaps a boy walking his dog along a beach will discover the fossilised remains of a Plesiosaurus (marine reptile), eroding out of the cliff.  A young girl, might be lucky enough to come across a boulder in a national park with a dinosaur footprint impression preserved upon it?

A few years ago, Everything Dinosaur wrote a blog article about a new species of flying reptile.  This new pterosaur was identified thanks to fossils found on the Isle of Wight by a young girl.

To read more about this discovery:  A New Azhdarchoidea Pterosaur.

A Typical Replica of a Late Cretaceous Pterosaur (Azhdarchidae)

CollectA Hatzegopteryx Model
The CollectA Hatzegopteryx pterosaur model.

The image (above) is of the CollectA Hatzegopteryx pterosaur model. To view the large range of pterosaur figures in the CollectA Prehistoric Life model range including models of pterosaurs that lived in the Jurassic as well as the Cretaceous geological periods: CollectA Prehistoric Life/Prehistoric World.

When our team members visit schools we talk about the two “super skills” that young people possess that can help make them champion fossil finders.  We predict that the science of palaeontology will benefit from the discovery made by a young person from the UK.

To see the full list of Everything Dinosaur’s fossil and palaeontology predictions for 2015: Our Palaeontology and Fossil Predictions 2015.

Visit the user-friendly and award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

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