Showing the Size of a Dinosaur Model

We use lots of equipment on our various field excursions, everything from geological hammers, to plastic tubs, sieves, magnifying glasses and geo rulers.  Geo rulers are sturdy plastic rulers that are used to help measure and map fossil sites. They also come in handy when we want to show scale in any field photographs that we take.

Naturally, there is the old faithful geological hammer to use as well, but we sometimes prefer to show a more precise scale.  It is ironic then that we have found a new use for our geo rulers, they help us when we take pictures of various dinosaur models.

Showing the Size of the CollectA Bistahieversor Dinosaur Model

One of our field rulers provides scale.

One of our field rulers provides scale.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Model

The brightly coloured ruler with its clearly marked  sections shows the scale and size of a model very nicely.  In this case, the picture above shows the CollectA Bistahieversor model.  This dinosaur model measures a little over thirteen centimetres in length.  Our readers can get a clear idea of how big the model is, thanks to those very handy field rulers.

To view the CollectA Bistahieversor and other CollectA dinosaurs in the highly successful Prehistoric Life/Prehistoric World model range: CollectA Prehistoric Life/Prehistoric World Figures.