Everything Dinosaur Video Review – CollectA Bistahieversor

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A Video Review of the CollectA Bistahieversor Dinosaur Model

Team members have been so busy preparing for new models as 2015 approaches that we have still got a couple of reviews of the 2014 releases to complete.  This is going to be rectified this month and the first of our last video reviews of new 2014 releases is a short video which features the rather wonderful CollectA Bistahieversor dinosaur model.

CollectA Bistahieversor Model (Video Review)

In the video (six minutes, forty-one seconds long), we discuss the significance of this New Mexico tyrannosaurid in terms of the provinciality of North American dinosaurs.  We look at the model and reflect on how this replica is based on the known fossil material.  We think this is our first feathered tyrannosaur model video review, however, we suspect that it is not going to be our last.  Expect more feathered tyrannosaurids next year.

Everything Dinosaur Reviews the CollectA Bistahieversor Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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CollectA Bistahieversor Dinosaur Model

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the CollectA Prehistoric Life Bistahieversor dinosaur model had proved to be extremely popular with dinosaur fans and model collectors.

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