Two New Model Additions to Everything Dinosaur’s Range

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Wild Safari Dinos Triceratops and Wild Safari Dinos Smilodon Added

The Wild Safari Dinos model series made by Safari Ltd has been highly praised by model collectors and dinosaur fans alike.  Everything Dinosaur team members are already looking forward to receiving stock of the new for 2015 Wild Safari Dinos models (Gastonia, Yutyrannus, Nasutoceratops and a replica of Archaeopteryx, but in the meantime, the company keeps adding more Safari Ltd models to its inventory.

Wild Safari Dinos

For example, the Wild Safari Dinos Triceratops and Smilodon models were added this week.

The Wild Safari Dinos Triceratops Model

An excellent replica of a Triceratops.

An excellent replica of a Triceratops.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Safari Ltd

Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for the UK based dinosaur model retailer stated:

“This Triceratops figure has been in a lot of our personal collections, we really like the quality of the finish on this particular replica, especially the scaly texture and the folds of skin.  Safari Ltd have really worked hard to provide a top quality Triceratops.”

The Triceratops Model at Everything Dinosaur

One of our favourite Triceratops dinosaur models.

One of our favourite Triceratops dinosaur models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This horned dinosaur replica certainly has plenty of detail and it is bound to prove very popular amongst our discerning customers.

Joining the Triceratops is the Wild Safari Dinos Smilodon model, a replica of a Sabre-toothed cat.  Many of our team members have had the opportunity to visit California to see the excellent Smilodon fossil specimens on display in a number of museums.  We have even got our hands dirty at the famous tar pits of Los Angeles (La Brea), we were delighted to be able to add this model to our range.

The Wild Safari Dinos Smilodon Model

Smilodon fatalis?

Smilodon fatalis?

Picture credit: Safari Ltd

The Smilodon joins the Wild Safari Dinos Mammoth replica and the larger scale model of a Woolly Mammoth (Carnegie Collectibles range) that Everything Dinosaur also stocks.  Perhaps Safari Ltd will add other mammal species to its model portfolio, a Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) or maybe even a prehistoric camel (Camelops hesternus) fossils of both these animals are associated with the Los Angeles fossil site.

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