First Pictures of New CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models Released

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New for 2015 First Pictures of CollectSA’s New Prehistoric Animal Models

A few days ago, Everything Dinosaur announced the list of prehistoric animal models that had been cleared for production and sale in 2015 by CollectA.   The list has been very well received by model collectors and dinosaur fans and it is great to see so many replicas being added to the CollectA range.  We can now reveal more details and show pictures of the models that will be part of the first releases next year.

CollectA Prehistoric Animal Models

The full list of models (cleared so far) is:

Here is what CollectA will be bringing out and Everything Dinosaur will be stocking next year.

Medusaceratops (trend for ceratopsians continues)
Daxiatitan – Chinese titanosaur
Nasutoceratops (what did we say about ceratopsians and trends)?
Xiongguanlong (Early Cretaceous tyrannosaur)
1:40 scale Pliosaurus (marine reptiles rock)!
1:40 Acrocanthosaurus (articulated lower jaw)
1:40 Feathered T. rex (articulated lower jaw)
1:4 scale pterosaur with moving jaw – Guidraco (Supreme range)
Moropus (knuckle-walker – Chalicothere)
Deluxe Smilodon (replacing the earlier not-to-scale Smilodon model)
Deluxe Daeodon (Entelodont)
Temnodontosaurus (an ichthyosaur)


The first five prehistoric animals to be introduced are the Xiongguanlong (pronounced “shyong-gwan-long”), a primitive member of the tyrannosaur family.  Then there is Medusaceratops, Nasutoceratops, two lovely horned dinosaurs.  The Deluxe Pliosaurus is also one of the first to be manufactured and then fifth, last but not least, is the spectacular model of the huge dinosaur called Daxiatitan.

Xiongguanlong (tyrannosauroid) Dinosaur

An agile, fearsome dinosaur.

An agile, fearsome dinosaur.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Formally named and described in January 2010, this long-snouted predator provided evidence that even in the Early Cretaceous some types of tyrannosaurid were growing into large predators.  At an estimated five metres in length, this dinosaur (X. baimoensis) represents one of the larger of the early tyrannosaurs.  Evidence of a shaggy coat of feathers has been provided by the model makers and it is pleasing to note that the three-fingered hand (basal trait of the tyrannosaurids) has been reflected in this model.

Medusaceratops from CollectA

Named after the Greek Gorgon Medusa who had snakes for hair.

Named after the Greek Gorgon Medusa who had snakes for hair.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Medusaceratops

This dinosaur, like Xiongguanlong was also formally named and described in 2010.  The extensive horns, lumps and bumps (epoccipitals) on this dinosaur’s neck shield were spectacular, these have been lovingly re-created in the CollectA replica.  They may have had a defensive function but they also served as “bling” to help attract a mate and for display (probably).

To read Everything Dinosaur’s article on the discovery of Medusaceratops: A New Horned Dinosaur from Montana.

Medusaceratops was a member of the chasmosaurine group of horned dinosaurs.  The second major group, the centrosaurines is represented by Nasutoceratops.

CollectA Nasutoceratops Dinosaur Model

Basal Centrosaurine dinosaur.

Basal centrosaurine dinosaur.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur


This mean and moody figure contrasts well with the Medusaceratops replica.  Nasutoceratops would have been slightly smaller than Medusaceratops, it roamed the swamps and lowlands on the western shores of that great inland sea that divided the Americas (the Western Interior Seaway).  One species has been assigned to this genus (Nasutoceratops titusi).  The very large and broad muzzle can be clearly seen on the CollectA replica.  We shall see how this model compares to the Safari Ltd Nasutoceratops which is also due out in early 2015.

Here is the article that we wrote announcing this dinosaur’s discovery: Large Nose, Horn Face.

The first of the new Deluxe replicas due out next year is the model of the ferocious marine predator Pliosaurus.

CollectA Deluxe Pliosaurus Replica

Collecta Pliosaurus model.

CollectA Pliosaurus model.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

We like the details around the jaw, the evidence of “battle damage” as a result of feeding from parasitic Lampreys on the flank and the beautiful colouration.  These are going to be exciting times for model collectors who have an affinity for marine reptiles.

Last but not least comes a replica of the Chinese titanosaur Daxiatitan.  We have to confess that Chinese titanosaurs is not our strong suit, probably because of the fragmentary fossil finds coupled with those complex names derived from regional dialects.  Daxiatitan binlingi is known from fragmentary fossils, including several huge cervical vertebrae (neck bones) and a femur.

Daxiatitan binlingi

Based on comparative studies with other basal titanosaurs, it has been estimated that this huge dinosaur could have reached lengths in excess of thirty metres.  It had a very long, straight neck and it probably fed on the very tops of the trees, although its giraffe-like pose is still debated.  It certainly had a wide body and Daxiatitan is just one of a number of titanosaurs known from the Hekou Group  in the Lanzhou Basin of Gansu Province (north-western, China).  The fossils of this dinosaur have helped researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to piece together more information with regards to the evolution of titanosaurids.

The CollectA Daxiatitan Dinosaur Model

Perhaps up to 30 metres in length?

Perhaps up to 30 metres in length?

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

This is a very well crafted replica, that reflects what is known from the fossil record with regards to basal titanosaurs.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of CollectA prehistoric life figures and replicas: CollectA Prehistoric Life Figures.

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We look forward to posting up more information about CollectA’s 2015 range shortly.