New for 2014 the Bullyland Lambeosaurus Replica

Everything Dinosaur has just received its stock of the new Bullyland Lambeosaurus dinosaur model.  Over the next few days, our team members will be busy contacting all those customers and dinosaur model fans who requested that we let them know when this new duck-billed dinosaur model arrives.

The Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

New Lambeosaurus from Bullyland

New Lambeosaurus from Bullyland. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

The model is very well painted (all Bullyland models in the company’s “Prehistoric Life” range are hand-painted), and we love the bright red crest on the skull of “Lambe’s Lizard”.  The Lambeosaurus is posed in a quadrupedal position and it gives the impression of a dinosaur trotting along, this herbivore is depicted as a dynamic, active creative.  This model is an improvement on other replicas that depict duck-billed dinosaurs in a “kangaroo-like” posture.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Bullyland prehistoric animal models: Bullyland Museum Line Models and Replicas.

The Lambeosaurus is the only hadrosaur currently represented in the Bullyland range, it joins the Europasaurus as the second and final new prehistoric animal model introduction by Bullyland for 2014.

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