A Video Review of the Wild Safari Dinosaurs Megalodon Model

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Wild Safari Dinosaurs Megalodon Video Review

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, promised that they would create a video review of the new Wild Safari Dinosaurs Megalodon model, for all those fans of prehistoric sharks that asked us.  In this short video (6:20) we discuss the merits of this replica, point out some of the features and highlight how the species or trivial name came to epitomise this ancient marine predator.

Wild Safari Dinosaurs Megalodon

A Video Review of the Wild Safari Dinosaurs Megalodon Shark Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Megalodon Model

The introduction of this shark model fulfils a long held ambition for Everything Dinosaur.  We can now offer model collectors and fans of prehistoric animals a replica of this super-predator of the Miocene/Pliocene Epochs.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of prehistoric animal models made by Safari Ltd: Safari Ltd – A Range of Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

Whilst we have used the specific name here, our team members tend to sit on the fence when it comes to the classification of this member of the Order Lamniformes.  We tend to refer to this prehistoric shark as C. megalodon.


Following a taxonomic revision this prehistoric shark is now known as Otodus megalodon.