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23 03, 2014

Dr Phil Manning to Present at the Famous Bollington Science Festival

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Cayman Caves to Badland Dinosaurs: Dr Phil Manning

Dr Phil Manning from Manchester University’s School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, will once again be presenting at the forthcoming Bollington Festival which takes place in May.  Dr Manning who heads up the palaeontology research group at the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences has had a very busy year and his talk will focus on his travels over the last twelve months or so.

Bollington Science Festival

Entitled “Cayman Caves to Badland Dinosaurs”, Dr Manning will discuss giant rats from the Cayman Islands as well as the continuing work on a number of Upper Cretaceous dinosaur fossils from the rugged, exposed outcrops of South Dakota.

The last time we caught up with Phil was when he was in America, at the “Duelling Dinosaurs of Montana” auction.  He was lobbying to try to ensure whoever purchased this remarkable pair of dinosaur fossils, that the specimens would be made available for further study.

To read more about the auction of the “Duelling Dinosaurs”: D-Day for Duelling Dinosaurs.

Dr Manning was busy with a number of media commitments, enthusiastically talking about the importance to science of these two dinosaur fossils.  He was even interviewed on the Simon Mayo radio 2 programme about this particular fossil discovery.  An excellent and engaging communicator, the talk, which is scheduled for Thursday 29th May (7.30 pm start) and will take place at the Bollington Civic Hall and it is bound to be one of the highlights of the whole of the Bollington Festival.

Tickets on Sale

Tickets for this event are priced at just £3 for adults and £1 for children.  The talk will be suitable for age 11+ and no doubt members of the audience will get the chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Dr Phil Manning Examining a Theropod Footprint

Potential Tyrannosaurid Print

Potential tyrannosaurid print.

Picture credit: Dr Phil Manning (Manchester University)

The Bollington Festival covers a wide range of topics aimed at participants of all ages.  Themes which are extremely varied from flamenco, to brass bands, literature to comedy and it has a number of science events crammed in amongst the one hundred or so planned performances.  The festival is celebrating its fiftieth year and with the likes of Dr Phil Manning talking about dinosaurs it is bound to be another “roaring success”.

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23 03, 2014

Download a Dinosaur Drawing from Everything Dinosaur

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Dinosaur Drawing Materials from Everything Dinosaur

As the Easter break is approaching, team members at Everything Dinosaur thought it would be a good idea if we created a dinosaur picture that young fans of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals could colour in.  The picture we have created shows  a scene from the Cretaceous geological period.  A brave Psittacosaurus is defending its nest which contains two baby dinosaurs from the attentions of an attacking Oviraptor.  In the background a large pterosaur can be seen flying in the distance.

Dinosaur Drawings

Dinosaur Drawings Available from Everything Dinosaur

Free dinosaur drawings available from Everything Dinosaur.

Free dinosaur drawings available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Oviraptors have been in the news recently with the naming of a new species of North American Oviraptor (Anzu wyliei).

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals: Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

If you would like to request this image as a download so that your young dinosaur fan can colour it in, simply email Everything Dinosaur and one of our team members will send you the drawing.

Email Everything Dinosaur: Contact Everything Dinosaur via Email.

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