Holly Says Thank You

With a busy few weeks behind us and even more dinosaur and fossil themed workshops planned for April, Everything Dinosaur’s team members are taking a welcome break in which to catch up with all their “dinosaurs for schools” correspondence.  With all the teaching work that we do it is inevitable that we get lots of letters, posters and drawings sent into our offices.  Often these items are part of extension activities designed to reinforce learning and demonstrate appropriate vocabulary.

Everything Dinosaur

Here is a letter from Holly (Key Stage 1) who, along with the rest of her class had written in to Everything Dinosaur to say thank you for our visit and to say how much she enjoyed working with us.

A Thank You Letter from Holly

Thank you letter received by Everything Dinosaur.

School children thank Everything Dinosaur after a school visit.

Picture credit: Holly (Key Stage 1)

Learning About Dinosaurs

Glad we were able to help out Holly, have fun learning all about dinosaurs, fossils and other prehistoric animals with your classmates.

A spokesperson from UK-based Everything Dinosaur commented that they were delighted to receive the letters from the Key Stage 1 children and that team members enjoyed reading them all.

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