Wild Safari Dinos (Safari Ltd) Elasmosaurus Reviewed

It is always exciting to see a member of the Plesiosauria included in a model manufacturer’s range and this year, Safari Ltd added a detailed replica of the long-necked plesiosaur known as Elasmosaurus to their Wild Safari Dinos model range.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have produced a short video review of this excellent marine reptile replica.

A Video Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus Marine Reptile Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The length of this video is approximately 5 minutes and forty seconds.  We look at the model in detail, comment on the skin texture, the detailing around the mouth, teeth and skull and assess the colours chosen by the artists at Safari Ltd to depict this Late Cretaceous marine reptile.   The name Elasmosaurus means “plate lizard”, a reference to the substantial, plate-like shoulder bones that covered this animal’s chest and formed the arm sockets.  These “plates” anchored the huge muscles of the front limbs that helped to power this large animal through the water.

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