Free 2014 Colour in Dinosaur Calendar Available from Everything Dinosaur

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Free Prehistoric Animal Calendar Available from Everything Dinosaur

With our dinosaur experts always looking at the past, it is pleasing to see them looking towards the future for a change.  With 2014 just under five weeks away, Everything Dinosaur staff have produced a simple, colour in calendar featuring various drawings of prehistoric animals.  Each page of the calendar has a month on it, and above the dates there is a picture of a prehistoric scene for young dinosaur fans to colour in.  The animals featured are quite an eclectic mix and since the colour of dinosaurs is going to be a hotly debated subject in the next twelve months we thought it appropriate to acknowledge the continuing research by producing this “DIY dinosaur calendar”.

Dinosaur Calendar

Much of the artwork has been produced by our chum Mike Fredericks, an extremely talented artist and since Everything Dinosaur commissions lots of dinosaur drawings, it seemed sensible to offer some of them as part of a free, prehistoric animal scene calendar.

Roaring into 2014 with Everything Dinosaur

Plesiosaurs and other prehistoric animals featured in the calendar.

Plesiosaurs and other prehistoric animals featured in the calendar.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Featuring Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Marine Reptiles

The calendar features pterosaurs, marine reptiles and members of the Dinosauria and for each month there is a prehistoric scene for keen, young dinosaur fans to colour in.  Best of all it’s free, just simply email Everything Dinosaur and we will email you back with the file so that you can print out your own dinosaur themed calendar.

Free to Download from Everything Dinosaur

Once you have the download, simply print off the pages, (fourteen in total, one for each month and a front and back cover) and there you have it, your calendar ready to be stapled together and coloured in by your budding palaeontologist.

On the Front of the 2014 Calendar – Tyrannosaurus rex

Eating Triceratops one chunk at a time.

Front page of the calendar.

 Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Mike Fredericks

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We are eager to see what dinosaur fans make of the drawings. What colour will the long-necked stegosaur called Miragaia that is featured for February be?  How about Utahceratops and Kosmoceratops which are depicted on the month of August?  If readers want to send in jpg images of the drawings back to us they would be most welcome and our dinosaur experts would love to look at them and see what interpretations our fans have come up with.

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