New 2014 Introductions from CollectA

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Available in Late 2014 Three New Replicas from CollectA

CollectA are going to introduce a wonderful replica of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex, a T. rex with feathers.  Anthony Beeson, the designer of this figure has commented that he has given his baby tyrannosaur plumage based on a woodland bird, thinking that these small and vulnerable predators would hide in forests to avoid larger carnivores.  The replica is a very accurate representation of the latest scientific interpretation of young tyrannosaurs.

Prehistoric Animal Models

The model measures approximately ten centimetres in length.

CollectA 2014 Introducing a Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex Juvenile

A young T. rex

A young T. rex figure.

Picture credit: CollectA

Joining the T. rex juvenile model next year is this lovely replica of Gastonia (G. burgei), an armoured dinosaur believed to be closely related to Polacanthus.  This dinosaur has spikes, plates and a heavily armoured head, a contemporary of the fearsome Utahraptor, this armour would have come in very handy.

Gastonia – Armoured Dinosaur from CollectA

Gastonia model (Collecta).

Gastonia model (CollectA).

Picture credit: CollectA

The model measures around fifteen centimetres in length and should work well in dioramas with the existing CollectA Utahraptor model.

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Last but not least for the moment, comes a model of the bizarre-looking prehistoric mammal called Arsinoitherium.  Arsinoitherium was a distant relative of today’s elephants, fossils have been found in Asia, Oman and we have seen some examples discovered in Egypt.  Great to see a model of this hoofed herbivore added to the CollectA model range.

Arsinoitherium Model from CollectA

Prehistoric beast distantly related to modern elephants.

Prehistoric beast distantly related to modern elephants.

Picture credit: CollectA

The Arsinoitherium prototype measures around twenty centimetres in length and based on the size of an adult, male Arsinoitherium being around 3.4 to 3.5 metres in length, we estimate that this figure will work well with CollectA’s other prehistoric mammal models in 1:20 scale.

Looks like CollectA are going to have a super 2014.  These models should be in stock late in 2014 perhaps mid Summer?

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