Life-Long Fan of Dinosaurs Embarks on Graphic Novel Project

Cartoonist Phil Machi has a love of dinosaurs.  So much so that he’s crafting a story all about them in his new book!

“Not Quite Extinct” is a coming-of-age story that follows the journey of a lone stegosaur as he discovers new places, friends and himself in the process.

Said the author/illustrator:

“This is something I feel my entire life has led up to.  I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember and my fascination with dinosaurs is a passion just as much as is history.  Combining the two has been a life-long goal and it’s finally happening with this story.”

Dinosaur Fans

Known for comic strips like “Retail Sunshine” and “Livestock”, the graphic novel format is a new venture for Machi.  Unlike the former web-comics, it will be a while before readers can pick up this latest creation but in the meantime, Machi has dedicated his website to a blog chronicling the process.

He added:

“There is so much context underneath this story…it’s very personal for me.  I felt it would be a good idea to track my progress on-line for two reasons.  It allows my current readers to see I’m still creating new work (even if it is hidden for now) and it keeps me from getting too far off track since I no longer have the deadlines a bi-monthly strip provided.”

Inspired to Set Up Facebook Page

Machi has set up a Facebook page for the story which reminds readers when a new blog post is up.  Machi is also treating the page as a source of information for palaeontology fans.

“I love learning about new discoveries and I hope my readers do too!  That is why on the days where I don’t have any news of my own progress to report, I will offer little glimpses into the world of palaeontology.  The kid in me loves it and I want to share that with the world.”

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated that team members were always amazed by the creativity and skills of customers.

To visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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