Everything Dinosaur Sends Out a Newsletter (Christmas Gifts for 2013)

Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur’s mailing list received an update from the company this week, providing readers with information on the team’s social media work as well as information about new products available and Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Over the years, Everything Dinosaur has built up a huge and loyal following of parents, dinosaur fans of all ages, model collectors, teachers, teaching support staff and not forgetting grandparents too.  We do our best to provide advice about gift ideas as well as free learning resources and information about new dinosaur discoveries and fossil finds.

For example, Everything Dinosaur’s team members have been working to help promote anti-bullying week in schools around the country and a number of free, dinosaur themed anti-bullying posters have been developed.  To read more about the company’s work and to see the anti-bullying posters: Dinosaurs Fight the Bullies.

Every now and then the team members send out an e-news to their mailing list and we really appreciate all the kind words and comments we receive from our fan base.

Dinosaur Themed Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013

Packed full of Christmas gift ideas.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur Customer Newsletter

The newsletter featured some of the new products available from Everything Dinosaur, including new prehistoric animal models, many of them exclusive to Everything Dinosaur, along with an update on the growing number of soft toy dinosaurs and prehistoric animal themed stocking fillers offered by the company.

To request a subscription to Everything Dinosaur’s mailing list so that you to can receive the newsletter and product updates: Email Everything Dinosaur Team Members.

Our team members are on hand to advise about dinosaur themed Christmas gift ideas and do all they can to help customers. We are happy to assist where we can.

To view the range of dinosaur themed toys and games in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Themed Toys and Gifts.