Dinosaurs Fight the Bullies with New Posters

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Anti-Bullying Week November 18th-22nd 2013

Everything Dinosaur team members have spent a busy few days preparing posters and sending them out to schools  in readiness for anti-bullying week which starts today.  Many of the educational establishments that we visit have got a robust policy towards bullying prevention and awareness.  A school’s anti-bullying strategy is in operation throughout the year and we salute the dedication of those teachers, higher learning teaching assistants, learning support staff and all those other stakeholders in the school community who work so hard to develop and implement an anti-bullying programme.

There are many organisations delivering a creative anti-bullying message throughout this week and Everything Dinosaur is pleased to play a small role in helping to raise awareness of this important issue.

Everything Dinosaur

Team members have designed three anti-bullying posters using dinosaurs as a theme. They have been inspired to do so after seeing all the very colourful and creative anti-bullying posters designed by children during school visits by Everything Dinosaur.

One of the Dinosaur Inspired, Free Anti-Bullying Posters Available

Stop the Bullies!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Anti-Bullying Posters Feature Dinosaurs

As many children love dinosaurs, we thought it appropriate if we could utilise some of our prehistoric animal drawing materials to create posters with an anti-bullying message.  The dinosaur depicted in the poster above is a fearsome meat-eating dinosaur, we could not think of a better way to get the message across.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In total three posters were created.  They are designed to be printed off onto A4 sized paper and can be laminated if required.  Hopefully, with a few of these posters pinned up around the school and any bullies will soon get the message.

Dinosaurs Fighting the Bullies

Stop bullies in their tracks!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Three Posters Designed

These posters have already been circulated to a large number of schools.  Everything Dinosaur has been proactive and through its links with the National Autistic Society (N.A.S) in the UK, these posters have been made available free of charge to the head teachers of all the schools registered with the N.A.S.

If you would like to get one of these posters for yourself, or indeed all three, it could not be more simple.  Just email us (see link below), and one of our team members will email you back with the posters available as downloadable attachments.

Contact us: Email Everything Dinosaur.

A spokes person from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“With our vast library of dinosaur pictures, drawings and images we thought it a good idea if we used some prehistoric animals to help get the anti-bullying message across.  Let’s hope that we can all work together to help make bullying extinct.”

It is important that bullying prevention and awareness is taught throughout the school year, but during this week, Everything Dinosaur is proud to be involved and hopefully helping to make a difference.

To view the range of prehistoric animal themed toys, models and games available from Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Website.