Everything Dinosaur Announces a Winner in Their Free Name a Dinosaur Competition

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Meet “Steve” the Spinosaurus

Last month, Everything Dinosaur held a competition on the company’s Facebook page to win one of the new, large dinosaur soft toys that have just arrived in stock for Christmas.  The new soft toy range is very colourful.  There are green stegosaurs, a sky blue Tyrannosaurus rex and a super soft and very cuddly, red Spinosaurus.  Trouble was, we could not think of names for these prehistoric animal soft toys, so we held a competition to see if any of our Facebook fans could come up with a suitable moniker for our monsters.

Everything Dinosaur

With the competition for naming our Spinosaurus soft toy closed, we put all the entries into our special, highly sophisticated, random winner picking device (one of the hard hats used on fossil digs), the winning name was “Steve” and our congratulations go to Jo.

Some of the New Dinosaur Soft Toys from Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Cute and cuddly dinosaur soft toys.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Thank You to All the Competitors

A big thank you to all those people who entered.  We had lots of really great suggestions for our Spinosaurus, we loved “Mr Bitey” (thanks Lou), as well as “Sam” and “Spencer” (thanks to Hannah and Lisa), plus Spielberg and Seth, (thank you Liz and Jenni).  We had far too many entries to give everyone a mention, but a big Iguanodon thumbs up to you all.

Some of our Facebook fans demonstrated quite a bit of dino knowledge with their competition entries.  For example, Clair Bage suggested “Stromer the Spinosaurus” after Ernst Freiherr Stromer von Reichenbach, the German palaeontologist who was responsible for formally naming and describing Spinosaurus aegptiacus in 1915.  There were quite a few references to Egypt, this is where Stromer’s expedition first uncovered evidence of a giant, predatory dinosaur back in the early years of the 20th century.

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

The location was the Bahariya Oasis, approximately 180 miles south-west of Cairo.  Although, Stromer is now credited with finding one of the largest land carnivores known to science, he initially thought his expeditions had been failures.  He had intended to find evidence of early hominins in support of his hypothesis that our ancestors originated in Africa (we think he was right), to Stromer’s frustration his travels in Egypt led to him exploring much older strata, much of it laid down in marine environments.  Not too useful if looking for early human fossils, but as a result of these expeditions, a number of new types of prehistoric animal, including several dinosaurs became known to science.

Looking out for “Steve” the Spinosaurus

Looking out for "Steve" the Spinosaurus.

Looking out for “Steve” the Spinosaurus.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Competition entries that reflected the Egyptian theme included Andrew who came up with “Ramses”, Kim who proposed “Tutan” short for Tutankahmum and Joey who suggested “Pharaoh” – all very good names for a dinosaur whose Latin name means “Egyptian Spine Lizard”.

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Special mentions also to Pat Walker for “Scarlet-o-saurus” and to Annie Taylor for coming up with “Theo” as spinosaurids are members of the theropoda group of dinosaurs.

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Big roar from all of us to everyone who entered.