Woolly Rhino is joined by Carnotaurus and a Permian Pelycosaur

New additions to Papo’s Prehistory model series have been announced and the first of the pictures of the 2013 models have been officially released to Everything Dinosaur.  Papo, the French model and figure manufacturer have expressed a desire to increase the number of models in their “prehistory” series.  This range was originally called “Les Dinosaures”, but as the number of non-dinosaurian models has increased it seems fitting to change the name to a more accurate description.

Prehistoric Animal Models

Papo Woolly Rhino Replica (Coelodonta)

Woolly Rhino enters the Papo range.

Picture credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

This is a wonderful representation of this Pleistocene mammal.  It is great to see the French manufacturer adding to their prehistoric mammal range and highly appropriate as these hairy, and very probably grumpy beasts wandered across France and much of Europe.   This model is one of the first figures to be made next year, expect stocks in at Everything Dinosaur by around February 2013.

Papo Dimetrodon Model

The second new introduction is also another non-dinosaurian replica, but this time a reptile.  A super replica of the Late Permian predatory pelycosaur known as Dimetrodon is going to be “sailing” into view.  This sail-back reptile has been a favourite amongst  model collectors for many years and although Dimetrodon pre-dates the first of the dinosaurs by several million years, this apex predator could certainly give a number of theropods a run for their money.  Available in the spring of 2013 from Everything Dinosaur – March/April time perhaps?

A Striking new Model of a Pelycosaur – Dimetrodon (D. grandis)

Fearsome sail-backed reptile, with exquisite detail.

Picture credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

The superb colouration and detailing of the scales makes this a truly stand out replica of a Dimetrodon.  This is our personal favourite amongst those new releases from Papo.

Note to team members – we must write more about Dimetrodon and pelycosaurs in general!

Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Last but not least comes a dinosaur model, another in a long line of excellent dinosaurs made by this French company.  Due out later in 2013, Papo will be unleashing an amazing replica of a Carnotaurus.  Already, this replica has got collectors and dinosaur enthusiasts swishing their tails and roaring with excitement.

Carnotaurus from Papo (due out later in 2013 – February?)

With articulated lower jaw – Papo Carnotaurus.

Picture credit: Papo/Everything Dinosaur

As with the other excellent theropod models in this series, the Carnotaurus will have an articulated lower jaw.  Let’s see what the Papo design team and artists make of this dinosaur’s dentition.  It looks like there are going to be some exciting times ahead for the Papo production line.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of Papo prehistory models: Papo Prehistory Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

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