Papo Smilodon Model Reviewed

Team members at Everything Dinosaur review the Papo Sabre-toothed cat model.

One of the most common prehistoric animal model replicas is that of a Sabre-toothed cat.  Most figure and model manufacturers, if they have a prehistoric life model range, will include a replica of this iconic Ice Age predator at some time or other.

Papo Sabre-toothed Cat Model

Papo, the French based model maker introduced a Sabre-tooth cat (Smilodon) in the middle of 2011, it has proved to be a popular item with prehistoric animal fans and model collectors.  It is one of the more detailed models available and it is much larger than the recently retired Sabre-toothed cat that was manufactured by Schleich of Germany.

The Papo Smilodon Model

Excellent model of a Sabre-toothed cat by Papo.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Member of the Cat Family

Although members of the cat family (Felidae), Sabre-toothed cats, sometimes referred to as Sabre-toothed tigers are not closely related to extant tigers.  They belong to the Machairodontinae family and the Smilodon genus is represented by at least four species.  The first of the Machairodontinae cats evolved during the Pliocene epoch, but these apex predators had their heyday during the later Pleistocene.  Their geographical distribution was extensive with fossils of these creatures being found in both North and South America as well as Europe and parts of Asia.  The largest specimens were over 1.7 metres in length and weighed twice as much as a modern African lion (Panthero leo).

The Papo Smilodon figure is probably based on Smilodon fatalis.  A predator synonymous with the Ice Age.  The model measures a fraction over sixteen centimetres in length, making this replica approximately 1:10 scale.  Smilodons probably were ambush predators, and not capable of sustained periods of running in pursuit of prey.  The powerful arms and shoulders are well depicted on the model and the paws are particularly well painted with the individual pads on the paws able to be made out.  The mouth is open and the large sabre teeth that these cats are famous for are prominently displayed.

Papo Sabre-toothed Cat

The Papo Sabre-toothed cat is painted a sandy, brown colour with flashes of white on the muzzle and on the underside.  There are flecks of a darker brown paint on the ears and on the very tip of the short, stubby tail.

The model is posed as if the animal is stalking prey, perhaps preparing to jump out and ambush some herbivore that it has spotted.  The clever design team have even managed to give their replica a fearsome, snarling expression.  The Papo Smilodon model works well when posed with the range of Woolly Mammoth models also made by Papo.

To watch a short video review made by Everything Dinosaur of the Papo Smilodon model: A Video Review of the Papo Smilodon Model.

This is a popular Sabre-toothed cat model and one that fits in well with the rest of the Papo “prehistory” model range.  One tip for would-be purchasers, before buying check the condition of the “Sabre-Teeth”, sometimes the large teeth can get cracked and then they are easily broken off when handled.

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