A Review of the CollectA Therizinosaurus

Introduced in early 2012, CollectA added a not to scale model of the bizarre theropod dinosaur known as Therizinosaurus to their prehistoric animal model range.  Regarded by palaeontologists as one of the more unusual groups of dinosaurs, the therizinosaurs have only really become established as a clade over the last thirty years or so, after the discovery of a number therizinosaur fossils in Asia and North America.

This exclusively Cretaceous clade, is still under going revision, the CollectA model of Therizinosaurus, the largest of this type of dinosaur discovered to date, may represent an entirely different family from the rest of the therizinosaurids.

CollectA Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Model

The CollectA model represents Therizinosaurus (T. cheloniformis), by far the biggest of these “Scythe” lizards known to science.  The first fossils ascribed to this genus were found in 1948, the Soviet team given the responsibility of piecing together this prehistoric animal from a few flattened ribs, elements from the arms and those enormous claws were unsure of what sort of reptile this was.  At first the ribs were thought to belong to a huge, extinct turtle.  This misleading idea is reflected in the species name that was erected (from Chelonia the Order of reptiles to which tortoises, terrapins and turtles belong).

The CollectA Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Model

An excellent model of a “Scythe” lizard.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

T. cheloniformis

Although T. cheloniformis is still very poorly known due to the lack of fossils found, it has been reconstructed based on the remains of similar and better known therizinosaur-like dinosaurs such as Beipiaosaurus from the Early Cretaceous of China.  Most therizinosaurs are depicted as being covered in downy feathers, as there is evidence to suggest that these dinosaurs sported coats of simple proto-feathers, although no feather fossils have been found in association with T. cheloniformis material.

The CollectA model is supplied with a clear plastic base and supporting strap which enables the model to stand upright, although most replicas we have handled can stand unsupported.  The dumpy, squat body is well depicted and the neck is raised as if this animal is alarmed at some disturbance.  The three fingered hands with their huge claws (the largest of which would have been over a metre in length), are placed down by the animal’s side and the tail is held off the ground.

The replica shows the texture of feathers on its body and tail, the rear portion of the head has a crest of blue/green feathers with a similar crest on the back between the impressive shoulder blades.  The forearms have tufts of feathers on them, perhaps helping this large dinosaur to display.  The colouration is interesting, with a battleship grey underneath giving way to a mottled sandy brown with flashes of subtle shading, as if to indicate this dinosaur was covered in a long, shaggy feathery coat.

A Close up of the Impressively Painted Head and Neck of the CollectA Therizinosaurus

A very well painted replica of the dinosaur Therizinosaurus.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is pleasing to note that the four-toed hind feet have been accurately depicted with this particular therizinosaur model.    All in all, a very well made and thoughtfully designed replica of a very unusual example of the Dinosauria.

To view the CollectA range of dinosaur models, including Therizinosaurus available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Age of Dinosaur Models.

Customer Comments about this Therizinosaurus Model

“Everything is perfect in this model, from the head (at the same time bird-like and reptile-like) to the proto-feathers (mix of colours).”

“At long last, a good quality sculpt. of this very strange beast.”

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