A Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Dracorex Dinosaur Model (Safari Ltd)

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Dracorex Dinosaur Model  Reviewed

Although known from only a few fragmentary fossils and a well-preserved skull, all found in the U.S. state of South Dakota, Dracorex has certainly inspired model makers and designers and a number of replicas of this member of the pachycephalosaur family have been produced.  Safari Ltd have introduced their own version, part of a number of new additions to the Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life model series.

Below is Everything Dinosaur’s video review of this dinosaur model.

A Video Review of the Dracorex Dinosaur Model (Safari Ltd)

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Dracorex dinosaur model.

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this short (five minute) video, we explain some of the features that can be seen on this replica and provide further information about the Dracorex fossils.

Although eminent palaeontologists such as Bob Bakker have cast doubt on the validity of the Dracorex genus, claiming that the fossil remains represent a juvenile of an already named and described pachycephalosaurid, most palaeontologists accept the Dracorex genus as valid, citing such evidence as the fused state of the skull bones and the condition of the cervical vertebrae (neck bones) to suggest that the fossil remains found do indeed, represent an adult animal.

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