Our Euro 2012 Predictions – So How Have we Done So Far? A Great Question!

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Everything Dinosaur’s Euro 2012 Predictions

A few weeks ago before the start of the Euro 2012 football championships team members at Everything Dinosaur put together a series of predictions to see if palaeontology and fossil finds could indicate which of the nations taking part were likely to do well in the tournament.  We stopped packing all those dinosaur toys and studied the form of international football teams instead.

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To read our earlier Euro 2012 article, where we tabled our predictions: Everything Dinosaur Euro 2012 Predictions.

In essence, using the number of times a country was mentioned in our blog, cross-referenced against famous fossil finds in that country and the total geographical area; we put together a table that outlined where we thought the teams would end up.

Despite this rather bizarre methodology a review of the results to date and the quarter-finalists shows that we have done rather well, certainly better than we expected.

Our predicted quarter-finalists are: Greece, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, England and France.  The countries marked in red are those that have actually qualified for the knock-out stage of Euro 2012.  We therefore predicted correctly six out of the eight quarter-finalists, this is statistically significant and better than the fifty percent success rate that would have been expected if the countries had been selected at random.

We went onto predict a Germany versus England final with England coming out as winners… some hope, but you never know, perhaps our palaeontology predictions could have some merit after all.  Maybe we should stick to packing dinosaur models for our customers, probably a better option.

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