A Return of an Old Friend – Mastodonsaurus

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Bullyland Mastodonsaurus Model

Long time, no see.  It was great to hear that Bullyland have made a few more of their wonderful Mastodonsaurus models.  This model is extremely rare and although we appreciate that not many have been produced in this re-run, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been able to get their hands on some.  The Bullyland Museum Line Mastodonsaurus was officially retired some years ago, since then there have only been a handful of Triassic prehistoric animal replicas made by the main stream model manufacturers.

The Bullyland Museum Line Mastodonsaurus

Bullyland Museum Line Mastdonsaurus model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The ruler in the picture helps to provide a scale for this surprisingly large model, after all, the skull was up to 1.4 metres long in some specimens.

Museum Line Mastodontosaurus

This Triassic monster was a predator of the ancestors of the dinosaurs.  It grew to over two metres in length and this large-headed, amphibian was an advanced member of a group known as the Temnospondyls.  It lived close to ponds and lakes and probably acted as an ambush predator in a similar fashion to some types of modern-day crocodile.  Sensory grooves running along the top of the skull helped Mastodonsaurus to detect vibrations in water made by its prey.  Fossils of this type of Temnospondyl have been found in Europe and North Africa.

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