The Low Down on the Mammoth Model Family (Papo)

Whilst other mainstream model manufacturers may be retiring prehistoric mammal models from their range, it is always pleasing to report one figure and replica maker bucking the current trend.  Papo of France have added two new Woolly Mammoth replicas to their “Les Dinosaures” range.

Papo Mammoth Model Dimensions

In addition to the adult Woolly Mammoth, there is going to be a juvenile and a baby Mammoth added to the product line up, permitting collectors to make up their own Mammoth family group.  This is very apt as just like extant elephants today, scientists believe that Woolly Mammoths did move in herds made up of family members.

The  Mammoth Models

A “Memory” of Elephants.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As far as we know there are a number of terms for a group of elephants, the collective noun as it were.  There is a “parade” of elephants, a “herd” and our favourite a “memory” of elephants.

The Sizes of the Papo Models

A “Papo” of Mammoths?

Table credit: Everything Dinosaur

The measurements in the table above have been taken by Everything Dinosaur team members.  All models sold by the company are carefully measured and comments on potential scale and size relationships are available to customers on request.

The English language has many quirks, one of which is the myriad of terms used to describe of group of animals or objects.  We are not aware of a collective noun in use for a group of Woolly Mammoths – how about a “Papo” of Mammoths?

To view the substantial range of Papo prehistoric animal models including Woolly Mammoths: Papo “Les Dinosaures” Prehistoric Animal Models.