The Miragaia Stegosaur Model from Safari Ltd

It is always exciting when Safari Ltd introduces a new replica into their premier prehistoric animal model range – Carnegie Collectibles.  These scale models are authenticated by the palaeontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States).  We were delighted to hear that a new stegosaur model was on its way a couple of years ago and within twelve months we had it confirmed that it was going to be a European stegosaur – none other than the Portuguese Late Jurassic stegosaur called Miragaia.

Naturally, when the model came out we were happy to write reviews and articles on this new replica, after all, any stegosaur who had more cervical vertebrae than an Apatosaurus is a winner in our eyes.  We also turned our little boardroom into a film studio and shot a brief video about this introduction from Safari Ltd.  It is a pleasure to see a Carnegie Collectibles Miragaia dinosaur model added to the Carnegie Collectibles dinosaur model series.

A Scale Model of M. longicollum

Scale Drawing of Miragaia
“Long-neck from Miragaia”. A scale drawing of the long-necked stegosaur Miragaia. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In this video, we comment on the colouration, discuss the actual fossil material ascribed to this species – Miragaia longicollum and provide a brief review.

A Review of the Carnegie Collectibles Miragaia Replica

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Carnegie Collectibles Miragaia dinosaur model.

 Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This five-minute long video is one of a series of videos we have produced reviewing various models and model sets that have recently been introduced by manufacturers such as Safari Ltd.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s extensive range of prehistoric animal models including the Miragaia longicollum figure (available whilst stocks last): Miragaia Dinosaur Models – Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

Hope you liked the video, as always feel free to comment.