A Lupin Flowers for Everything Dinosaur

The spell of gorgeous weather at the end of September must have made the difference.  In the early spring Everything Dinosaur team members planted out some Lupin plants that we had raised from seeds.   The area behind the office is slowly and surely being turned into a more nature friendly area.  We have lots of Sedems and even a second Buddleia bush to help attract bees and butterflies.

The Lupins were planted out as we wanted to use the large leaves and stalks as backgrounds for some of our prehistoric animal model shots.  The foliage works quite well for this particular job.  However, we never thought that we would get a flower, especially after the less then glorious summer we had – weather wise.

Everything Dinosaur’s Lupin in Flower

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Flowering Lupin

Naturally, we could not simply plant out the seeds, we divided our seeds into three groups, each group being put in a different area of the yard, one group experienced full sun virtually all day, the second group was placed in an area that had partial shade and the final group was planted in an area roughly between the other two.

Everything Dinosaur

The Lupin that flowered came from the middle group.  We had also sourced the seeds from two different sources, the seedlings had been labelled to help us identify which source the plant that emerged was from.  We contacted the supplier to let them know that one of their plants had flowered in its first year for us.  We will try and get some pictures done using the foliage as a backdrop, but in the meantime, we have a lovely flower that cheers us all up.

Prehistoric Plants Have a Long Fossil Record

Glossopteris fossil leaves.

Examples of Glossopteris fossils from different parts of the world – India (left) and Australia (right). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view models and replicas of prehistoric plants and prehistoric animals: Everything Dinosaur CollectA Prehistoric Plant and Animal Models.

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