Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre – Looking for a Manager

The staff at the world famous Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (Morden, Manitoba) may be used to finding fossils of prehistoric animals but the search is now on to find a general manager to help map out the direction of the organisation over the next few years.

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre  (CFDC) is currently recruiting qualified applicants for a soon to be vacant general manager’s position.  A targeted recruitment effort is currently underway to fill the upcoming vacancy.  This management position will offer the selected individual many tremendous professional growth opportunities, is responsible for the overall management of the organisation in consultation with a volunteer board of directors.

Potential applicants are invited to make contact with the Centre to learn more about this opportunity.  The job will be advertised in the local media.  Additional information will be posted on the CFDC website, specifically in the staff recruitment centre.  So if you have ever fancied yourself as a Sir Richard Owen figure, now’s your opportunity.

Prehistoric Animals

The position of General Manager will become vacant on October 17th.   The position is currently filled by Tyler Schroeder, who will leave the CFDC to pursue other career opportunities within the private sector.

“I would like to extend the heartfelt gratitude of our organisation to Mr Schroeder, for his significant efforts at the CFDC,” summarises board president Henry Penner.  “During his employment the CFDC has made substantial advancements in the fields of education, tourism and research.  In particular, he has had a tremendous skill in advancing the public image and reach of our Centre.”

“I am very proud of what we’ve achieved as a team, during my time at the CFDC.  This organisation is well positioned to take great advantage of the many opportunities before it,” echoes Tyler Schroeder.  “I look forward to my new role as an Agricultural Loans Manager at the RBC in Morden and wish continued success to the CFDC.”

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre houses the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada, including a 43-foot long mosasaur named “Bruce”, the largest mosasaur in the country.  Housed in the Access Event Centre in Morden, the CFDC is working towards building a new state-of-the-art facility in the Manitoba Escarpment.

To view models and replicas of Late Cretaceous prehistoric animals including marine reptiles such as a mosasaur: PNSO Prehistoric Animal Figures and Replicas.

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