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28 09, 2011

A Review of Planet Dinosaur – “The Last Killers”

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Planet Dinosaur – The Last Killers (Late Cretaceous Theropods Mainly)

Halfway through the BBC television series already, it does not seem more than five minutes since “dear old auntie Beeb” introduced us to their version of Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus back in episode one.  These two dinosaurs were fierce carnivores and after a sojourn into the world of feathered dinosaurs, the majority of which would stand no more than a metre tall, we get right back to big theropods, but this time with a focus on the very last few million years of the Cretaceous.

For all those enthusiastic dinosaur fans waiting to see tyrannosaurs they were not to be kept waiting any longer.  However, it was not Tyrannosaurus rex that was the star attraction, other older members of the Tyrannosauridae were put into the spotlight – the likes of Daspletosaurus torosus allowing the evidence for the mobbing of herbivores (Chasmosaurus belli), reflecting what scientists have observed Komodo dragons doing, only scaled up to nine metre long theropods.

It was a bad night for ceratopsians all round with centrosaurs getting caught up in a raging torrent and dying in their hundreds – a vivid explanation of bone bed formation.  The bizarre abelisaurids, those dominant predators of the southern hemisphere were brought to life with a feature on the cannibalistic Majungasaurus (we still prefer the synonym Majungatholus).

An interesting programme that did its best to update viewers on how our understanding of the apex predators of the Dinosauria has moved on since “Walking with Dinosaurs”.

28 09, 2011

Rex Appeal – Dinosaurs a Cinematic History

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Rex Appeal (BBC 4 at 9pm)

Part of the BBC’s dinosaur season, “Rex Appeal” is an hour long programme that examines how dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have been depicted in the cinema.  Director John MacLaverty provides a fun and informative insight into the history of dinosaurs in the movies, part of the BBC’s season of dinosaur programmes.

The enduring appeal of dinosaurs in cinema, beginning with the cartoon Apatosaurus in the 1914 animation Gertie. The creatures have not only been used to reflect contemporary anxieties, including how Jurassic Park’s fears of DNA manipulation mirrored arguments about genetically modified crops, but have featured prominently in the development of special effects, from Willis O’Brien’s work on King Kong to the advent of CGI in the 1990s.

Look out for a few familiar friends behind the various talking heads, as supplied by Everything Dinosaur.  This programme will be repeated on BBC 4 three times over the next few days or so.  What with the third episode of “Planet Dinosaur” being shown tonight (Last Killers), with a film to follow called “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” there is a feast of Dinosauria on our screens tonight.

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