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2 09, 2011

BBC Planet Dinosaur Trailer

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Planet Dinosaur Starts Wednesday 14th September

Planet Dinosaur – the new six part television series starts on BBC1 at 8.30pm September 14th (2011).  Looks like it is going to be an unmissable event for dinosaur fans.

Planet Dinosaur

We were kindly sent this video trailer for this series by one of the publicists for this particular programme at the BBC television centre – enjoy!

Please note – the trailer for this television series first aired in September 2011 has now been removed from the Everything Dinosaur web log.

The first episode will feature Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus.  In an episode entitled “Lost World” viewers are transported back to Africa in the Early Cretaceous to view an ecosystem dominated by two very different apex predators.  Look out for the fearsome crocs as well.

A Scale Drawing of the Huge Cretaceous Theropod Carcharodontosaurus

A new Carcharodontosaurus species has been described. This dinosaur appeared in "Planet Dinosaur".

Fearsome “Shark Lizard”. A scale drawing of the huge theropod Carcharodontosaurus.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For figures and replicas of the prehistoric animals that will feature in this new BBC television series: Prehistoric Animal Replicas in the PNSO Range.

2 09, 2011

A Review of the Bullyland Dimetrodon Model

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Museum Line Dimetrodon Model Reviewed

One of the new additions to the Museum Line scale model range of prehistoric animals has been reviewed by team members at Everything Dinosaur.  It is always a pleasure to see a new model added to the range of prehistoric animals offered by the German manufacturer Bullyland, especially since Dimetrodon (D. grandis) is one of our favourite Permian animals. Here is our video review of the Bullyland Dimetrodon model.

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of Dimetrodon

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur, but a member of the Pelycosauria and as such it has been classified as a  synapsid reptile.  Why Dimetrodon is often featured in a model range that focused on dinosaurs always puzzles us.  Perhaps manufacturers just like to add a cool sail-backed reptile to their model series.

Bullyland Dimetrodon Model

To view the extensive range of Bullyland prehistoric animal figures stocked by Everything Dinosaur: Bullyland Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animal Figures.

Whatever the reason, team members welcome the addition of a Dimetrodon figure to the Bullyland range of prehistoric animal models.

We did once write an article on this phenomenon – Dimetrodon being added to models of dinosaurs etc.  To read this article: Why Does Dimetrodon Get Added to Dinosaur Model Ranges?

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