National Fossil Day – What a Good Idea

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National Fossil Day – October 12th 2011

The second National Fossil Day, Americas day for promoting public awareness and stewardship of fossils is scheduled to take place on October 12th.  The inaugural National Fossil Day was held last year.  A series of nation-wide events and activities are being held across the United States with many museums, schools, educational institutions and national parks taking part.  This special day dedicated to fossils is a part of Earth Science Week, an event that encourages people everywhere to explore the natural world and learn about the geosciences.  Earth Science Week is celebrated the second full week of October.

With most states having their own “state fossil” symbol and more than 230 national parks having fossil sites within them it seems a very sensible idea.

National Fossil Day

Organised by the National Park Service and the American Geological Institute we at Everything Dinosaur, wish everyone involved with this project the “very best”, just as President Obama stated when he sent a personal message of support to celebrate last years event.  Perhaps the United Kingdom too, should have a national fossil day?

Can you Find Fossils?

Would you go on a fossil hunt on National Fossil Day?

Would you go on a fossil hunt on National Fossil Day? Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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