Don’t Forget Dinosaurs Myths and Monsters This Week

With all the excitement over the start of the BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur” this week, we at Everything Dinosaur thought it might be helpful to let readers know about another television programme being shown by the BBC this week.  The hour long documentary “Dinosaurs, Myths and Monsters” is being aired to accompany “Planet Dinosaur” on BBC.  Everything Dinosaur takes a look at television programmes featuring dinosaurs.

Television Programmes Featuring Dinosaurs

Shown on BBC 4 but we think it may also be available on the BBC HD channel, “Dinosaurs, Myths and Monsters”, is being shown straight after the CGI programme on BBC 1 on Wednesday 14th.  “Dinosaurs, Myths, and Monsters” starts at 9pm on the 14th, it is repeated at midnight that same night and it is also repeated late evening on Saturday 17th (10.40pm start).

Historian Tom Holland, explores the history of palaeontology and pieces together how ancient civilisations thought about fossils.  In an epic story that takes us from Greece and its Greek legends to the American Wild West, Tom goes on a journey of discovery to explore the fascinating ways in which our ancestors sought to explain the remains of dinosaurs and other giant prehistoric creatures, and how bones and fossils have shaped and affected human culture.

Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace – Impact on Culture

The Megalosaurus dinosaur at Crystal Palace Park.

The Megalosaurus statue at Crystal Palace a dinosaur from 1854.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In the BBC press release they state that this documentary is an alternative history of dinosaurs – the neglected story of how mythic imagination and scientific enquiry have met over millennia to give meaning to the dry bones of prehistory.  Today, as our interest in dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures continues unabated, it turns out we are not so far away from the awe and curiosity of our ancient ancestors.

To view replicas and figures of many of the prehistoric animals featured in the television programmes: Schleich Dinosaur Models and Figures.