Mayor Stands Firm Over Monster Croc

A one tonne Saltwater crocodile that was caught earlier this week, will not be released back into the wild, despite concerns for the animal’s welfare after it had not eaten since its capture.  An animal rights group urged the Philippine authorities to free what is thought to be the world’s largest crocodile in captivity, even though it allegedly killed two people.

Philippine Crocodile

The monster 6.4-metre-long male Saltwater crocodile was placed in a penned pond after it was caught in a remote southern creek on September 3rd, with local officials planning to use it as a tourist attraction once it had become adapted to its incarceration.  However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals senior Asia-Pacific campaigner Ashley Fruno said that despite suspicion that this reptile was a man-eater, the crocodile was better off being returned to the wild, away from human settlements.

She stated:

“The government should do the compassionate thing and order this crocodile to be returned to his natural habitat, as taking him away to be locked up in an animal prison is just plain wrong.  Penned animals are prone to psychotic behaviour and its immense size and power could prove dangerous to visitors and those caring for it.”

Expressing her concern for the creature’s welfare she added:

“While even those zoos with the best intentions can never replicate the natural environment of animals, how do they expect to come remotely close with a crocodile roughly two or three times the size of a regular adult?”

The crocodile nicknamed “Lolong” weighed 1,075 kilogrammes when it was captured earlier this week.  A number of attacks on people and livestock in the area had been reported in and around the town of Bunawan and following a programme of trapping this suspected man-eater was finally captured.  However, locals state that there are a number of very large crocodiles living in the nearby marshland.

To read more about Lolong’s capture: Monster Crocodile Captured in the Philippines.

Rollie Sumiller, who led the team that trapped the animal, commented that removing from the wild a huge reptile suspected of attacking humans was the correct thing to do.

Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde said that the crocodile would not be released, stating that the safety of the residents of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur remains as the top priority of the local government.

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