Allosaurus Attacks – Popular Dinosaur Model

When it comes to the most popular meat-eating dinosaur models, favourites of ours at Everything Dinosaur are models of the Late Jurassic member of the Tetanurae group of theropods – Allosaurus.  There are a number of Allosaurus species represented in this genus, it is perhaps one of the most specious of all the Theropoda genera and despite having been around since being formally described back in 1877 this dinosaur remains very popular today.

Allosaurus Attacks – Model of an Allosaurus

Allosaurus attacks

Allosaurus attacks – an Allosaurus ready to ambush you!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows the typical aggressive posture of an Allosaurus dinosaur model, we wonder why these dinosaur models are more often than not depicted with their mouths open?  Predators around today do not wander around with their mouths open, if you visit a zoo or watch a wildlife documentary you will observe that most tetrapods rarely walk with their jaws wide open.

Depicting the likes of Allosaurus with its massive jaws agape seems to be a quirk of the model manufacturing community.

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