Prehistoric Fact Finders – An Entertaining and Informative Christmas Gift

A team member at Everything Dinosaur was asked the other day by the parent of a young dinosaur fan whether they could recommend a Christmas gift idea for their little girl who was obsessed with dinosaurs.  She knew all the names, and how to pronounce them plus lots of facts about dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Brachiosaurus.

Prehistoric Fact Finders

The parent wanted to encourage her child, (she has already declared her interest in becoming a palaeontologist), by obtaining a fact based gift for Christmas, but something a little more “hands-on” and interactive than a book.

Books by their very nature are very “hands-on” but we suggested the Prehistoric Fact Finders as a suitable gift idea.

Prehistoric Fact Finders

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This double-sided prehistoric fact finder features forty dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and is packed full of amazing facts and statistics.  Simply turn the wheel and lots of fascinating facts about the animal selected is revealed – where it lived, how it got its name, what it ate, all sorts of stuff.  There are hundreds of facts all contained in the wheel and it can be used as a ready reference.

Should do the trick when it comes to providing a dinosaur fact mad young girl with lots of information about her favourite dinosaurs.

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