Everything Dinosaur Blog – Averaging an Amazing 100,000 page views per Month

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Everything Dinosaur Blog – 100,000 page views per Month

The Everything Dinosaur blog site continues to go from strength to strength.  With nearly 900 articles published, the site is getting quite big these days.  We try to write an article each day, something about our company, dinosaur discoveries, science news and such like.  A review of the web log’s site statistics show that over the last quarter the web log (otherwise known as a blog) has registered an average of more than 100,000 page views per month.

Everything Dinosaur

Sometime before the spring of 2010 we are due to publish our 1,000th article, to keep a blog going in these busy times is an achievement in itself and we are very grateful for all the comments and feedback we receive.  We have tried to estimate the number of words written in the blog to date, this is very difficult to do, but with nearly 900 articles we calculate that something like one million words have now been published.

The Everything Dinosaur Blog

Our plans for 2010 include keeping up with the daily web log articles, perhaps by the end of next year we will have increased our readership and page views still further – perhaps 150,000 page views could be achieved?

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