Merry Christmas to all our Web Log Readers

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Merry Christmas from Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur team members wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!

The great day has arrived and Christmas is finally here.  Here’s hoping that all our web log readers have a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.  We have lots of exciting plans for 2010, but before we get there we have perhaps the worst job of the year ahead of us – stock take.  Between now and New Year we will all be in the warehouse counting the stock, with something like 700 product lines it is a Mammoth (no pun intended) task.

Still, I’m sure someone will bring in some mince pies and biscuits and this will keep us going.

On behalf of all the team members at Everything Dinosaur have a Happy Christmas.

Our award-winning website is still providing support and service, even over the Christmas holidays: Everything Dinosaur.