Everything Dinosaur 2010 Dinosaur Calendar

Everything Dinosaur team members have created a special dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed calendar which is available from the company’s website.

Scientists don’t really know what colour dinosaurs were, as only very rarely does any form of pigmentation fossilise.  Illustrations of dinosaurs and various CGI reconstructions are based on scientific assumption.  One of the coolest things about dinosaurs is that when you colour in a picture of a Stegosaurus and make it bright blue, nobody can actually say that your interpretation is inaccurate.  Your guess is as good as any highly respected palaeontologist, we simply don’t know what colour stegosaurs were.

A Dinosaur Calendar

Now is the  chance to put your creative minds to the test with the 2010 Everything Dinosaur calendar.  Each month features an illustration of a different prehistoric animal and you have the chance to colour it in and show the world what colour you thought dinosaurs were.  The 2010 calendar, which is available now, features Chasmosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Nigersaurus, Triceratops and of course Tyrannosaurus rex, plus lots of other prehistoric animals.

The Everything Dinosaur 2010 Dinosaur Calendar

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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With a pair of bellowing pachyrhinosaurs on the front, the calendar is jam packed full of dinosaurs and dinosaur information.

Muttaburrasaurus for February

Muttaburrasaurus is featured in February.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

We even have included a dinosaur friendly word search game, with the answers available as a download or from this web log.

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