The Impact of the Royal Mail Dispute on Everything Dinosaur

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The Impact of the Industrial Action in the UK Mail Network

Today and tomorrow industrial action is being organised by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) as a result of the long running dispute with Royal Mail.  These two 24-hour strikes will interupt the flow of mail and the subsequent delivery.  In addition, further disruption will be expected as the backlog of letters and parcels is cleared.  Sadly, further industrial action is planned by the union and we are expecting this dispute to continue for the foreseeable future.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur, working closely with local Post Office contacts have been able to despatch some parcels and other items into the UK delivery system today.  Other parcels have been despatched using courier services which are not directly affected by the strike action.  Staff will continue to pack items in readiness for a collection tomorrow, and every effort is being made to ensure that all parcels that can go out tomorrow are sent out, so at least they enter the UK mail system.

A number of other measures are being implemented to help the situation, including putting on extra staff on Saturday morning to ensure all items ordered late Friday and early Saturday are despatched forthwith.

Industrial Dispute at Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Everything Dinosaur team members have taken steps to help minimise disruption for customers, but due to industrial action UK and overseas deliveries of parcels will be subject to delays. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In addition, to ease the burden on local Post Office resources, no letters or correspondence is being sent out by the company over the next 96 hours.  Where possible all correspondence is being carried out via email or telephone/fax.  In this small way we can help reduce the workload and the subsequent back log for local staff.

Everything Dinosaur, like many firms is actively exploring alternative mail delivery systems.  The strike action, if it is to continue may result in delays and other difficulties with Christmas post.  We are doing all we can to assist customers and provide advice.  It is a sensible precaution to not leave ordering until quite late as delays in delivery may occur and these may become worse as the mail build up towards Christmas increases.

Naturally, we will keep all our customers informed.

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