Dinosaur Dino-opoly Christmas Gift Idea

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Dinosaur Dino-opoly – A Christmas Gift Selection Idea

Yesterday we were emailed at Everything Dinosaur by a lady asking our advice regarding Christmas gift ideas for her grandson.  She wanted to get him a board game that he could play with his younger brother, something that would also appeal to the Mums and Dads in the family.  We test all the products that end up in our on-line shop, so we were able to pass on plenty of advice and make some suggestions as what might be best.

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We recommended the Dinosaur Dino-opoly game, a new twist on the traditional family board game.  In Dino-opoly players have to travel round the board trying to acquire dinosaur exhibits for their own museum.  This game, suitable for 2-6 players has proved very popular on test and children as young as five have played it (and beaten us).  We love the pewter playing pieces all designed with geologists and palaeontologists in mind, and there are lots and lots of interesting dinosaur facts to keep young prehistoric animal fans happy.

Dinosaur Dino-opoly

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To view our extensive selection of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts, take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.

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There is even a quick one-hour version of game play for all those impatient dinosaur fans who want to obtain as many dinosaurs as quickly as possible.  Patience is a virtue for palaeontologists, we would know, many of us have spent hours on end searching for fossils without success, or working in a prep lab, trying to complete what on paper looked like the most simple of tasks.  I remember one such occasion on a dig site in Canada when after six hours of working on a hadrosaurine fossil site, I managed to come up with one fragment of ossified tendon, my only find after carefully and delicately removing buckets and buckets of surrounding matrix.  Still just finding that tiny piece made my day.