Review of the New Prehistoric Times Magazine (Edition 91)

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Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine Autumn Edition

The latest edition of Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors arrived a few days ago.  As always, this magazine is jam-packed full of articles, news, stories, illustrations and information on the latest research.

The main dinosaur to be featured this month is the Brachiosaurus and other relatives of the Macronaria, these super-sized titans of the Mesozoic.  The front cover depicts a herd of brachiosaurs peacefully browsing whilst a flock of pterosaurs fly overhead. This illustration was done by the very talented artist Juanjo Castellano.  Inside the magazine there is an in-depth article on the brachiosaur family with lots of new information about the latest discoveries.

A Model of a Typical Brachiosaurid

W-Dragon Giraffatitan Compared to a Papo standing T. rex dinosaur model

W-Dragon Giraffatitan Compared to a Papo standing T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We were particularly impressed by the scale drawing showing the relative sizes of brachiosaurs (prepared by Nima Sassoni) – very good.  On the subject of drawings there is part two of the excellent article written by Tracy Lee Ford on how to draw oviraptorids and a lovely and very informative article on prehistoric cave art from around the world.

The Front Cover of the Autumn Edition of Prehistoric Times

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

There is even something for fans of prehistoric mammals with an article written by Phil Hore on the predatory characteristics of two giant prehistoric carnivores, the huge Andrewsarchus and the equally impressive Megistotherium (Hyaenodontid).

Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times Magazine.