Jurassic Wars – A New Dinosaur Combat Game

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Jurassic Wars Dinosaur Combat Game

Pit dinosaurs from different geological time periods against each other in a bid to become master of the Mesozoic in this dinosaur based combat game. Select a dinosaur card from your hand and try to beat your opponent’s dinosaur in this ultimate battle for survival.

Want to know how an Iguanodon would have fared up against a vicious Carnotaurus or whether a Stegosaurus could survive an attack from a T. rex, this dice based game allows players to explore these scenarios, pitting dinosaurs that would have never met against each other in mortal combat.

Jurassic Wars

Those creative people at Dice Maestro have combined dinosaurs and geology into a clever dice based game involving tactics, skill and a little luck to decide who will be the champion.

Jurassic Wars – Dice Combat Game

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The game can be played by between two and five players and is suitable for children from aged 7-8 and upwards.  The trick is to learn the relative strengths of the dinosaur on your picture card and assess whether or not you need to play one of your special combat cards to give you the edge in any particular one on one encounter.  Lots of lovely dinosaurs are featured from the regulars such as T. rex, Apatosaurus and Triceratops to some of the more unusual ones such as Dryosaurus and the obscure Sarcosaurus (early theropod whose remains; a single pelvis are associated with Leicestershire, in England).

It is pleasing to see such a variety of Dinosauria featured and the object of the game is to win your opponents cards using the special red or green combat dice to decide the outcome of each battle.

Jurassic Wars – Box Contents

Jurassic Wars Game Contents.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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This game has whizzed through our review process, with very favourable comments such as parents stating that it is nice to see a dice based game and not a computer game for a change (although note was made of the cool computer generated dinosaur graphics that feature throughout the sets of cards).  The study box makes an excellent combat arena and this means that this game is suitable for taking on holiday or travelling.  In fact, we received a number of comments and remarks on how well presented and packaged this game was.

Another nice touch was the “suggest a dinosaur” element.  The manufacturers provide information in the contents about how young dinosaur fans can suggest a new dinosaur to be added to this combat game.  There are certainly plans to include expansion packs and extend the number of prehistoric animals associated with Jurassic Wars.