Everything Dinosaur Christmas Newsletter

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Having invested in state of the art e-zine technology we finally got round to using it to create the first of our Christmas newsletters, this was sent out to our database of subscribers.  Trouble is, these days with so many new products to talk about it is a question of having to select the six or seven we wish to promote and publicise.  Still after a considered discussion amongst team members the Fossil Gift Set, some new dinosaur themed games, the Bedtime Buddies microwavable soft toys plus a few of the many new models we have introduced got a mention.

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Everything Dinosaur

We also updated readers on how we were helping them to overcome problems with the Royal Mail strike, industrial action that seems set to continue.

Everything Dinosaur Christmas Newsletter (Part 1)

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Customer Newsletter

We have plans to send out a second newsletter in about 3 weeks time, promoting other products from our range.  With nearly 700 hundred product lines the problem is working out which ones to promote, thankfully our product testers and their feedback proves invaluable.

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